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 Bericht van X9M8Uk0p52 04-09-2013 (16:15:18)
Bad credit is not as imnrotapt as driving record but after your age it is probably the largest factor in determining your rates. The insurance company looks at factors that indicate how big a risk you are. How likely are they to have to pay a claim? To begin with poor credit indicates irresponsibility. Irresponsible people are more likely to have accidents. Also, it's not the credit score itself but rather credit score as an indicator of income level. They use credit score because they can't ask you to file a financial statement or at least it would be too much trouble to read it. Credit score is simple. Poor people file more claims than richer ones because they can't afford to repair some things on their own, poor people are more likely to exaggerate damage and injuries trying to make a few extra bucks, and in extreme cases are more likely to commit outright fraud, staging accidents and destroying their cars.
 Bericht van nLBvz8Gws 04-09-2013 (12:15:28)
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 Bericht van zkTGozM3Mqo 04-09-2013 (05:40:32)
The basis of this practice, is that, the inrdutsy feels those that have poor or less than average credit ratings, are a risk as drivers overall. Just like how they separate the young male driver, under 25, that their statistics have shown that they cause more wrecks than the norm. I feel the stats for young men is probably pretty accurate, most teenage guys can't wait to get the fastest car they can afford, and they do tend to get into more trouble then the norm. I do not understand how your credit rating should effect your driving skills. Many people suffer a bad credit hit, without cause on their part. Someone may have cancer, for example, payments for treatment are huge, and naturally all your medical bills could back up, causing late payments. To say that, because of a medical situation, I have to pay higher insurance rates, is totally asinine! This regulation should be changed, I totally agree.
 Bericht van 1iPplmA0Ql 04-09-2013 (05:37:05)
I simply wenatd to thank you a lot more for that amazing website you have built here. Its full of ideas for those who are actually interested in this specific subject, in particular this very post. Your all actually sweet in addition to thoughtful of others and reading your site posts is a good delight in my opinion. And that of a generous present! Mary and I will have pleasure making use of your points in what we have to do in a few days. Our checklist is a mile long which means your tips are going to be put to very good use.
 Bericht van F2lxiXoiZA 04-09-2013 (04:54:14)
Hi PatrickHope you had a safe trip back home Still I can not read your book looking foarrwd to read it in english og maybe danish.I am working on the &BAGGER webpage and facebook For a taste of the last collection pls. visit the facebook of Robelind. My partner Karina left the company this summer, of personal reasons I deciced to change the name from Robelind to &BAGGER Anyway hope you are fine, take careSincerely Dorte ( sit next to you fra HK to Amsterdam)
 Bericht van fliTx61iVVn7 04-09-2013 (02:49:32)
Mmmm, daar zit wat in, in het begin van het jaar al cadeautjes beaepln. Goed idee!!De stof met de witte nopjes, is dat anto-slip? En waar vind je die stof?Het kussen ziet er alleszins zeer mooi uit!!!
 Bericht van EWRModrvHTQ 04-09-2013 (02:42:17)
Just amazing! Thank you for psntiog a picture of this. I will be following your blog and look forward to new posts. Me being from little old Oregon, USA am very interested and amazed at the great things from around the world! Take care,April
 Bericht van 3sw4Mw1Q0h3 03-09-2013 (21:35:13)
Insurance companies reuqire what is called an insurable interest. As long as you have a logical reason for insuring you mother then typically the carrier will let you. However, depending on the amount of coverage she already has most companies limit the amount of total insurance a person can own based on financial need. If you only talking about insuring her for a small amount, under $25,000, typically their is no issue of needing financial information to justify the coverage. If you are applying for coverage above $100,000 the insurance company may reuqire that you show proof of financial need. You will need to have her permission and she will need to complete and sign the application and submit to any of the underwriting reuqirements of the carrier. You can be the owner, payer and beneficiary of the policy but only with her consent.Insurance companies limit the aggregate (total) amount of insurance on a insured to prevent a beneficiary from profiting from a persons death. For example, if a person has a net worth of $100,000 the insurance company may allow the person to have.
 Bericht van e5veLVAE 03-09-2013 (18:13:05)
First off, I have been a claims autdsjer for 20+ years. Using a credit report to help determine rates is pure BS. As another poster stated many people with good credit suck at driving. Their the ones who are wealthy and too busy to pay attention while driving. I have investigated 1000 s of accidents and there is absolutely no correlation between bad credit and bad driving. I agree there is a correlation between good credit and the insurance company getting paid on time. That is their main concern. Using the credit report crap to charge higher rates is just a bonus to the company.And folks let's be clear about the myth that insurance is required in all states. It is NOT!! It certainly should be but it is not.People who are not in the insurance game (like nan6872) assume that insurance is required in all states because that is a logical conclusion, except when dealing with insurance and vehicle laws there is not much logic applied. There are many states that do not require mandatory insurance but instead require financial responsibility . For example I handle a lot of claims in Wisconsin. There are tons of insured drivers there drinking their great beer and driving home. Insurance is not mandatory there, however if you have an at-fault accident while uninsured the Dept of Transportation will revoke your license and registration if you do not sign a contract to repair the damages you are responsible for.
 Bericht van eOMb1wGBQX 03-09-2013 (17:08:50)
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